Prepare your Piirus profile for global exposure

Piirus is going global in March 2014. Researchers from around the world are joining, providing you with further opportunities to find new research collaborators.


Globes – by Ivan McClellan AttributionSome rights reserved

Prepare your Piirus profile so that it’s ready for this exposure…here’s 5 things to do right now.

1. Make sure your profile is up-to-date. Piirus matches researchers on the basis of research interests so make sure that your profile reflects your current interests so you are matched as effectively as possible.

2. Consider your research in an international context. Do the keywords you use to describe your research make sense outside the context of your institution? Cross-check other researcher profiles that match with you and look at keywords that they use in their profiles.

3. Add a photograph. It often helps if a researcher can see your photograph to bring your profile to life. Try using a photo that you use for other websites as this ensures consistency across your web presence. If you are not keen on adding a photo, use an image from your own research or add an avatar.

4. Include a link to your full researcher profile. Piirus is a light weight profile that highlights your researcher interests now, rather than showcasing everything that you did previously. So make sure that you add a link to your profile of choice (Academia, LinkedIn, departmental web page) where potential collaborators can find out more about you.

5. Get social. If you have a Twitter handle and you use Twitter for professional purposes then add this in. Not convinced about Twitter in your researcher identity? Read this article (link by LSE on using Twitter in research and for impact activities.

So login today and optimise your profile for the international expansion. If you have any questions then contact us at

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