How is Piirus different?

Difference is good. Difference means collaboration. Difference means Piirus.

Tired of constant updates to your social networks? So are we! The curse of the well-connected researcher is having to change seemingly endless profiles on what feels like a daily basis. There just isn’t time in the day to do your marking, prepare for your next tutorial, read the latest journal article, write a chapter and log into your profile on each separate network.

Why do I need another online profile?

So you might well ask, as a busy researcher, why you need another profile on another network. The answer is simple. Piirus is different from the likes of Academia.Edu and LinkedIn. Why? Because Piirus comes in at a very early stage in the research process. Starting a new research topic is, as anyone knows, a tough time. You have an idea. It’s often a very big idea. You start looking into the topic, thinking about the methodology you might employ. Then there comes a stage where you look for help. The topic is too big; how do you narrow it down? You’re not really sure whether your methodology is sound; how can you get some guidance? How can you seek out expertise to help? How can you find researchers already working in these areas?

How can Piirus help?

That’s when Piirus can help. Setting up a profile is easy, quick and secure. But more importantly, it’s useful right at the very start of your research project. Searching for research and methodology keywords will bring you into contact with people who can help. Researchers who have been there before and experienced the same problems. Researchers slightly further down the academic career path. Researchers with expertise in the right areas. Or even just researchers who are in the same boat.

Why use it?

Piirus is here to give you support when you need it most: when you are just setting out on the rollercoaster ride of research. Piirus is not one of these profiles that you need to update every five minutes, only when you are embarking on a fresh research project. We leave the process of writing-up, of dissemination and of public engagement to others. Instead, we help you to do the difficult bits, getting together with others and finding support and advice when it all seems rather big. We can also help with putting together a research team and putting you in touch with colleagues at every stage of their academic career.

At Piirus, we are proud to be different. We’re proud to support collaboration.

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