How can Piirus help me in my research?

At Piirus, we are proud to be different.

We come into the research process much earlier than other sites, including the likes of Academia.Edu and LinkedIn. Piirus is here to help with the early stage of the research process. Setting out on the research process is often daunting. You set out on a new topic, start thinking about methodologies and conducting a literature review.

What if the topic is too broad? What if you hit a brick wall?

This is where Piirus comes in. We’re here to help when things grind to a halt, when it feels as though you are the only person working on this methodology. When you hit a brick wall in your early research. At Piirus, we can put you in touch with researchers working in the same area or on the same methodology. We offer users the chance to search for expertise in their chosen area and to meet collaborators to help them get through these difficulties.

Taking you from lightbulb moment to completion

Signing up to Piirus is free, quick and secure. More importantly, it is easy to search for users working in your area. Simply clicking on keywords brings you into contact with researchers who can help take you over the brick wall to the finish line. Sign up to Piirus today and meet collaborators with the right expertise for your research project.

View the video below to see how Piirus can help you today.

piirus-logo-smallPiirus is a quick and easy tool to search 1000s of researchers and make contacts or find collaborators