The most successful collaborations are built “from the ground up” through personal relationships. Find out why…

According to a recent report by Economic Insight on behalf of the UK government’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, on-the-ground collaboration activities by researchers are important for driving research excellence.

The report, Growing the best and brightest: the drivers of research excellence, investigated competitive advantage in UK Higher Education Institutions. During interviews with 51 academics from 12 leading UK universities, it emerged that collaborating with others was a driver of research excellence and was seen as important by academics.

How can I achieve successful research collaborations?

The report discovered three key factors in successful collaborations (p.34):

  1. Often forged through personal contacts, early on in careers.
  2. Characterised by openness about expectations and leadership
  3. Potential for a long-term arrangement

The research found that:

‘“on-the-ground” or “day-to-day” initiatives by researchers can be at least as important as the “high-level strategic” initiatives instigated by institutions’ (p.4)

‘The most successful collaborations are built “from the ground up” through personal relationships’ (p.35)

The report also found that relationships fostered early in your research career can be critical for later collaborations (p.6).

At Piirus we help foster these on-the-ground initiatives and personal relationships to enable future collaborations.

With Piirus you can join a community of researchers like you who are interested in building connections and finding potential collaborators. Piirus is all about what you’re researching now and where your future research interests lie. It helps you to connect with researchers within your institution and beyond, and make interdisciplinary connections. It can help you to find the knowledge and expertise you need for a particular project now, as well as building connections that can be valuable for the future.

How do I join?

To join Piirus, register your interest to receive an invitation. You’ll need an academic email address. We’re doing this to keep Piirus exclusive to researchers, so you don’t have to worry about sifting through members of the general public to find other researchers.

Create a profile with your research interests and collaboration interests and methodologies – it takes just a few minutes. Piirus will suggest researchers whose interests ‘match’ yours. You can also search and browse to find other researchers and contact them.

So join Piirus today to make sure that you make the most of on-the-ground collaborations!

piirus-logo-small Piirus is a quick and easy tool to search 1000s of researchers and make contacts or find collaborators


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