Local or international research connections?

Are you looking to build your network outside of your current institution? Are you looking to make further connections within your institution by connecting with colleagues from other campuses or departments? Researchers on Piirus are doing both. 69% of connections on Piirus are between researchers from different institutions, while 31% of connections are between researchers within the same institution.

Since the global launch of Piirus in May this year, we’ve been seeing researchers from around the world joining Piirus to build their networks, make connections and find collaborators. Are you one of them?

Don’t forget that you can invite your colleagues from any academic institution or research centre to join Piirus so that they can benefit too. You’ll find an invite button on your dashboard when you are signed in to Piirus. If you’re a researcher from an academic institution and haven’t yet joined Piirus, you can register your interest to receive an invitation.

If you have views on where you’d most like to make connections with other researchers (your institution, other institutions in your country, or globally) or where you find it hardest to make those connections, please comment below – we’d love to hear from you.


piirus-logo-small Piirus is a quick and easy tool to search 1000s of researchers and make contacts or find collaborators


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