Finding a research collaborator just got easier

We know that it can sometimes be difficult to find a collaborator for the research project you have in mind – especially when you are looking beyond your department and institution. Now it’s even easier to join Piirus, build your research network and find that collaborator you need.

Piirus network image

  • You no longer need an invitation to join Piirus. If you have an academic email address you can now join from the Piirus homepage.  Once you’ve joined you’ll see straight away suggested researchers with whom you may be interested in collaborating. To find more matches and other researchers you can search.
  • With researchers at all career stages from around the world now joining Piirus, you can benefit from a wider network of researchers to connect with.
  • We’ve now added the ability to search by institution so you can find researchers from a particular institution more easily. Just type an institution name in the search box and see what results you get.
  • You can still invite your colleagues to join Piirus, so they can benefit too. Just use the invite button on your dashboard.

We’re always happy to hear feedback, and how we can make Piirus even better. So if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know at

piirus-logo-small Piirus is a quick and easy tool to search 1000s of researchers and make contacts or find collaborators


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