Four infographics with tips on academic writing

Since Piirus has just published an infographic on collaboration, we’re taking a look at a few infographics relating to the theme of academic writing, to tie in with this year’s AcWriMo.

Here is a brief selection of favourites from the Piirus blog editor.

1) Part of a series from North Carolina State University, this one starts with things to avoid, i.e. common reasons a paper is rejected: perhaps it is a good idea to keep these in mind when you begin. It also features a tip that I practice myself: once you start a project, keep it on your screen.

scholarly publication tips infographic

2) As a librarian by background, I have to include an infographic on the literature review process. There is a lovely infographic on this website for nurses, although it is relevant to other disciplines too.

3) Here are a few general tips on how to focus. My favourite is to make a list, and make it short.

tips on how  to focus

4) And lastly, a few things to watch out for (or feel good about yourself that you don’t do!).

infographic listing the most annoying writing mistakes

Which infographics relating to the theme of academic writing do you recommend? Leave us a comment below or get in touch directly.

You can follow @Piirus_com on Twitter, look out for our tips with the hashtag #piirustips and tweet your own tips with #piirustips.

Post by Jenny Delasalle, Piirus blog editor.

jenny_newJenny Delasalle is the editor of the Piirus Blog. Jenny is a freelance copywriter and librarian, currently based in Berlin, Germany. This means that she works collaboratively and remotely with the rest of the Piirus team. Jenny is interested in scholarly communications, bibliometrics, copyright and many other things besides and blogs and tweets as herself. Jenny previously worked at the University of Warwick Library in support of researchers at Warwick, for a number of years as well as at other UK university libraries, before that!



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