Piirus member stories – a global research community

Who are the Piirus Pioneers?

37 Pioneers, from 19 different countries, across 5 continents – the essence of Piirus – demonstrating how we create connections and cross boundaries.

The Pioneers are all current researchers using Piirus who are helping us to spread the word about Piirus among their colleagues and grow Piirus in their institution. Here’s where they are from around the world:

Pioneers map

What are they researching?

Architecture, History of Sports, Production Engineering, Geography, Marketing, Nursing, Public Policy, Economics, Computer science, Stats, Geoinformatics, Health Care, Tropical Medicine, Nanoelectronics, Culture and Society, Molecular Medicine, Neurophysiology, Health and Sciences, English, Agrifood, Creative Media, Engineering, Financial Engineering, Theatre Art, Photonics Technology, History, Politics, Sport & Fitness, Psychology Education

Thank you to all of our Piirus Pioneers for your enthusiasm! Want to join them and become a Pioneer? Email us at hello@piirus.com


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