Piirus member stories – how Piirus helps multidisciplinary research

Piirus Pioneers are researchers from around the world who are working with us to spread the word about Piirus. Here’s what some of them are saying about research collaboration and Piirus.

Image of Shane McLeodShane McLeod

University of Stirling, UK

“I decided to become a Piirus Pioneer as it seems like a worthwhile tool to increase the possibility of collaboration, both within and outside of the University of Stirling. I hope to attract some potential collaborators on Viking-related projects, including people from fields that I may not immediately think of in terms of collaboration, thereby opening exciting and unusual research paths.”


Marcos_Garcia_FuentesMarcos Garcia-Fuentes

University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

“I work on nanotechnology and advanced materials, which are horizontal enabling disciplines with a broad range of applications. Thus, there is an obvious need to collaborate with other researchers in specialized fields to test and translate to practice many of the concepts developed in our lab. Collaboration in research has always been very important, however, the strategic advantage from international and multidisciplinary collaboration is now even more critical. I think new IT technologies could bring the right tools to transcend towards higher levels of coordination among researchers, and ultimately to get to a smarter and more effective way of doing research. I hope tools such as Piirus can make stride towards this new way of doing things.


Jailson Querido, Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Portugal


Maryam_Moula_BakhshMaryam Moula Bakhsh

Dow University of Health Sciences, Pakistan

“As an educationist and researcher, narrate to one of developing country I realized the best way towards advancement of health and development is to provide opportunities to people around me to become aware of health and education across the globe. Research is one of the fields where researchers can systematically investigate their field of interest. It can provide important information of the current situation respective to their field. Unfortunately most of the education and health care institutes in developing countries do not realize the importance of research in advancement of health and education development. As a Piirus Pioneer I would help graduate students and health care professional around me to reach across the globe through collaboration with other researchers. As we all aware that science today is changing rapidly and become more complex, no single researcher can bring all expertise towards development and advancement, so the efficient sharing of information among researcher across the globe has become more important. Piirus will help to share knowledge, boost creativity and enhance feeling being connected in their work as a researcher.”

Sotirios_PlakasSotirios Plakas

Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece

“Piirus in Greek is something that connects two parts but allowing them to function independently. It is also the name of a river which took its name because it managed to penetrate a mountain and find its way through. So for me Piirus means ‘connect to overcome the obstacles and go through’. Any better reason to join Piirus?

Want to know more about the Piirus Pioneers? See our post here, and look out for upcoming features on the Pioneers and their research. Hear from more of our Piirus Pioneers next week.

Interested in becoming a Piirus Pioneer? Get in touch at hello@piirus.com


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