Piirus member stories – how Piirus extends your global reach

Piirus Pioneers are researchers from around the world who are working with us to spread the word about Piirus. Here’s what some more of them are saying about research collaboration and Piirus.

jacob_muvingiJacob Muvingi

Harare Institute of Technology, Zimbabwe

With Piirus I am now able to incorporate the global aspect into my research work. 

Mohammad_Ali_ElminejadMohammad Ali Elminejad

University of Bologna, Italy

“As an early career researcher in academic world, it has always been hard for me to find a reliable fellow researcher with mutual interests to collaborate with each other. I had been searching on the net, days and days and also asking colleagues to find a solution for this critical problem. Since a researcher would find a way to overcome obstacles, finally I found the skeleton key “Piirus” website and it opened a new world of opportunities to me. It is a great place for researchers all around the world to socialize and find true partners to do meaningful research projects together. I am proud to be a Piirus Pioneer to support and spread this unique idea between my colleagues in academia. I hope this great community helps all of us to push frontiers of science one step ahead.


Ivan Slavchev, National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski”, Bulgaria


Alessia_UsaiAlessia Usai

Università degli Studi di Cagliari, Italy

Today it is very important to ensure visibility for my research activity and disseminate the results achieved at the local level, promoting my country and region and activating new contacts for future projects. There are several tools type in which a researcher, like me, can subscribe as Google Citation, Academia.edu, or,looking for project partners, the European CORDIS Partners Service. However, each of them is based on creating a personal profile to share the publications and other research papers, with the opportunity to ask questions or get in touch with the researchers in my field. The problem arises when the researcher is present in most networks and he/she has to update its different profiles one by one. The network Piirus avoids this allowing the researcher to create its own profile and defer to other research networks regarding its publications. Piirus has simplified a lot this ‘updating’ job and this is why I chose it for my future research projects.”


piirus_avatar_smallSin Yee Koh

City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Academia is increasingly interdisciplinary and international. This means that the ability to connect to people you don’t already know of – who may be doing similar work, or who may be your potential collaborators – are going to be increasingly important. I hope that Piirus will be able to make searching and finding colleagues easier and user-friendly.”

Want to know more about the Piirus Pioneers? See our post here, and look out for upcoming features on the Pioneers and their research. If you missed it, we heard from more of our Piirus Pioneers last week.

Interested in becoming a Piirus Pioneer? Get in touch at hello@piirus.com


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