Academic research collaboration and networks: an infographic based on what researchers told us.

In September this year, Piirus surveyed researchers worldwide, from
across multiple disciplines. 346 researchers responded, and two key findings were:

  • 79% of researchers said that collaboration makes them more productive
  • 91% agreed collaboration increases research impact

So in many respects it is no surprise that 94% of respondents were interested in interdisciplinary collaboration.

Here is our infographic with more information about what researchers said:

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Local or international research connections?

Are you looking to build your network outside of your current institution? Are you looking to make further connections within your institution by connecting with colleagues from other campuses or departments? Researchers on Piirus are doing both. 69% of connections on Piirus are between researchers from different institutions, while 31% of connections are between researchers within the same institution.
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The Piirus top 5

The most frequently used research method or technique among Piirus researchers is interviews. The top 5 methods and techniques are:

  • Piirus conversationInterviews
  • Textual analysis
  • Microscopy
  • Archival research
  • Case studies

Are you using one of these research methods or looking for someone who does? Why not search Piirus to start connecting today.