Piirus: a passion for connecting researchers and crossing boundaries. An interview with Fiona Colligan, founder of Piirus.

fiona-colliganFiona Colligan is Piirus’ founder, and she’s passionate about breaking down the barriers to how researchers connect. Fiona is aware that researchers need to cross what, at times, can be challenging boundaries of discipline, geography and career. She founded Piirus when managing the University of Warwick’s Wolfson Research Exchange, a collaborative research space designed to connect researchers , and as a result believes that the HE sector is best placed to solve this challenge. The University of Warwick is now rolling out Piirus on a global scale with Fiona at its helm and in this article we get behind the idea and find out more…

So Fiona, what’s the ‘big idea’ behind Piirus?
It’s simple – Piirus helps researchers connect with each other based on the ideas and collaborative needs they have right now so that they can develop research ideas, enrich their research, progress projects and make impact. Continue reading