#AcWriMo. Shut up and write! By our Social Sciences Correspondent

After having described the difficulties I face when attempting to write from home, and realising that I can only spend so much time in coffee shops before (a) they ask me to leave or (b) I consume way too much caffeine and cease to be able to use a pen, I’ve been exploring how to become more productive while sitting at my office desk in the university.  The problem always seems to be one of priorities: when I’m in my office, I find it incredibly hard to prioritise writing the dreaded academic papers.  Emails constantly interrupt me, and I tend to be fretting about all the non-paper-writing tasks I should be doing.

I bought an egg timer

Image credit: Ian Barbour, Flickr Creative Commons

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#AcWriMo. Why I don’t write at home, from our Social Science correspondent

washing machine As my fellow correspondent Ian wrote for Academic Writing Month (#AcWriMo on Twitter), we each appear to have our ideal place in which to write.  Personally, I feel deeply indebted to cafes around Nottinghamshire, the UK and beyond, for the completion of my doctoral thesis.  Because unlike Ian, I find it pretty much impossible to write at home – or, in fact, in my office.  I think this might be due to my love of pen and paper: I’ve tried to write straight to the computer, but somehow nothing seems to flow quite as well.  But that’s a different story…

In keeping with the style of Ian’s blog post, I present a typical day of attempting to write from home.

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